Home at Last Inc. oldest consignment furniture store in Greenville, provides an ideal way to sell household furnishings without having the inconvenience of phone calls, broken appointments or opening your home to strangers.  REMEMBER, nothing is too old (yes, we accept antiques) or too new!

Home at Last, Inc will sell your home furnishings on consignment and at Greenville’s most competitive prices.   Your items will be displayed in room groupings and that are  attractively accessorized.

If you have furniture to consign, please schedule an appointment (all larger pieces must be viewed first) or e-mail a picture along with manufacturer, size dimensions and what you would like to get from the sale of your item.  Accessories should be placed in a box with your name on the box and a description of items and what you would like to get for them enclosed.  If you are not sure, we will price the items for you.  Home at Last, Inc hold final pricing rights.  Accessory Consignments are accepted Tuesdays & Thursdays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Furniture is accepted any day of the week, special arrangements can be made if hours don't work with your schedule.  A picture of larger items needs to be approved before delivery.  We also offer 3 moving services to help transport your items.  However, it is recommended that you call to confirm availability of space.  
If you have a piece of furniture to consign please e-mail a picture of it to us along with the manufacturer, dimensions, wood or material color and what you would like to make off the sale of each item.

Consignment agreement terms are as follows:

What's unique about HOME AT LAST, Inc?
HOME AT LAST is not a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale! Home at Last utilizes an excellent location for our  showroom to display and sell upscale, quality furnishings and home accessories, all with your convenience in mind. We are the oldest consignment furniture store in Greenville, SC.  Our stock comes from the area's better homes. We maintain consignor contracts for 90 days resulting in a constant turnover of quality goods promoting high, repeat foot traffic.
What items will HOME AT LAST, Inc accept?
We are interested in any attractive piece that would fit in the home. Items that are no longer needed or that no longer fit with your decor, but are clean and desirable, will sell in our store. Major items included: furniture, lamps, pictures, accessories, etc. Consignment may be arranged by appointment. If possible, please call ahead to let us know when you want to bring items in for inspection. If this is not practical, e-mail or bring a picture of the item you wish to consign or a pillow or cushion which will help us assess acceptability. Home at Last does not handle clothing, appliances, mattresses or items from a smokers home.
Who sets the price?
This is important! Priced too high--the article won't sell. Priced too low--it's unfair to the consignor. Using the information that you supply about items you wish to sell (original cost, history, last cleaning or manufacturer) and merging that with our experience and knowledge, we feel that we can obtain for you the best return for your merchandise.
What percentage will I make selling via Home at Last Consignment Store?
In general, we are partners with you on a 50/50 basis for items selling over $ 50.00.  The fact that we use an appraiser with experience in the furniture & glassware business provides you with premier setting.
What if my items don't sell?
You will have 7 days to pick them up.  If they are not picked up they will be donated to Spartanburg Ministries and you can ask for the tax write off form.
Items that are desirable and priced right do sell! Should your itemYo
How do you get this great furniture to your home?  
You can pick up your items at the store or our storage facility.  Due to space, we ask that items are removed from the store no more than 3 days after a sale.  A $ 5 per day per item charge will be placed on an item left over that timeframe.  You should bring your own people to load your furniture.  In the afternoons during the week and Saturday morning, we can supply one young man to help load if scheduled.  Home at Last, Inc does offer names for various delivery options.  Everything from a man with a pick up truck to professional movers.  Difference, besides price, the professional movers are insured and bonded. have a larger vehicle and more staff to handle delivers.  Home at Last, Inc does not take responsibility of delivery or any damage that could occur.  We are offering you a means to a service.
Why use Home at Last, Inc Consignment?
Our store completely eliminates the hassle of selling the items yourself, saving you the cost of advertising and freeing you from dedicating your time to showing the items or opening your home to strangers. We also offer major credit card options for purchase allowing a broader range of buyers than private sales afford. Open six days a week with extensive advertising, items for sale are subject to maximum exposure. We do all the work. We have scores of consignors who have enjoyed the convenience and appreciate the profits they have made in partnership with Home at Last, Inc.

For Buyers:
We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover    Credit and Debit
Checks are accepted with SC documentation
All sales final and as is
Items purchased are to be scheduled for pick up at the time of purchase.  
Any items left on the floor after scheduled pick up are charged a $ 5.00 per item per day charge.
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